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Dashboard - view what I have to do

Status : Under Consideration
over 1 year ago

We desable email, because there is too many of them.

But, there are no functionaly in SMAX to view all the object that are assign to me or to my group.
We must go into each module and view the proper list.

It would be great if a new   dashboard panel could show this.

It would be great if we can add   reports in this new dashboard,   reports that can use   the "me" functionaly  for field related to people table   or  the equivalent   for group field.

In HP-ServiceManager, it's the   todo  table.


  • Hello:

    We have the same request, dashboards with the records assigned to my Groups. There is some update about this idea?

  • Thanks for all the votes and comments. We are looking into this as a future product enhancement. Check the notifications box to be emailed if the status changes.

  • This feature is a significant drawback for the product.  There are other  open ideas on this feature (2762550). It will be great if you put in your plan. 


  • what is the update on this one?!! how do you expect support admins to view their Tickets "Changes, Requests, Incidents, Problems...etc" by going to each and every module or create custom report for each module?!!


    this idea is opened since October 2019 for a basic feature , please advise!

  • Hi  

    Other than having this feature reviewed, do you propose a way for the users to see all activities assigned to him?

    The best scenario, an expert group assignee may have records assigned; records like  support request, incident and changes. So, how can he see all the records that he or his group had been assigned?