Idea ID: 1664648

Delivery date should be user selectable

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Brief Description
When a user requests a Service in the Service Portal it should be possible to specify the Expected Finish Date.
And it should then be possible to use this date as the Delivery date for the Request.
Use Scenario
If a manager for example requests resources for a new employee, it should be possible to specify the employment date as the delivery date for those services.
Currently, either you have to wait with the request until the Creation date + Global lead time exactly matches the requested delivery date. Or you have to manually manage the requests and request task such that they're performed at the right time.
Today the Delivery date is Always defined in relation to the Request created date (Delivery date = Creation date + Global lead time). And the Expected Finish Date has to be entered manually if there's no delivery target, or it's set based on the Creation date too.
Delivery dates according to real use scenarios and more flexibility when given as user option

Design Details
It should be possible to set the Expected Finish Date (and optionally the Delivery date) to a date given as a user option.