Idea ID: 1644984

Details on Hover on the fields of SRC or Webclient client

Status : Already Offered
over 3 years ago

When user moves mouse cursor over any field for e.g. In SRC like "Subscriptions, Services, Support",  there should be an ability to use a pop up window to display with desired information details of each field. 

This feature is already present in competitor ITSM product like ServiceNow.. 

  • considering that Adobe Flash will end of support by end of 2020, we will not consider this enhancement in SRC. For the web client, the requested capabilities have been supported.

  • For SRC there are similar functionality available, when clicking  fields like "Subscriptions, Services, Support", it will go to  "Subscriptions, Services, Support" pages respectively and you can find filed descriptions listed in top left corner of each page to specify the details of each filed and also these descriptions can be customized to any desired information.

    For SM Web Client, for comfill fields we already support popup window to display the details when mouse hovering over, for other fields no popup window when hovering over but when users set focus on the fileds and simply click F1 the field descriptions will pop up.

  • Great contribution. This lacking functionality was recently pointed out during a demo for a potential customer.