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Disable chat outside opening hours

Status : Already Offered
over 1 year ago

There should be an option in Self service portal settings, if chat should be enabled or disabled outside opening hours. Many customers don’t want their end users to be able to start a chat when no agent is there to respond. Many others virtual agents are not accessible outside opening hours.


  • I agree! Outside working hours the Chat button shouldn't be available at all

  • Please review this Idea since the issue described in the original post is not addressed.
    Outside opening hours of the Chat, the Chat button is still enabeled, the users can click on it and GUI looks and behave the same until the user Posts the Chat(request). Then the user are getting infomration about the opening hours for the chat and that the chat is closed. 

    This causes frustrated user and a lot of generic support requests, with limited information, to handle for 1.line support the next day.

  • As Sissel has pointed out this is not implemented in SMAX and therefore this idea should be removed from "Already Offered" stage.

  • If you set up SLT for chat, the chat button is active all the time, even outside opening hours. If you start a chat outside opening hours, a request is created and the opening hours from the SLT are displayed.

    When end user has chat functionality, he expects response asap. At other websites with chat, the chat functionality is only available inside opening hours. Outside opening hours the chat is hidden. This should be configurable in SMAX as well. The customers should decide if they want the char button visible only inside opening hours, or if they will allow customers to create chat request outside opening hours to wait for a chat agent to start their work schedule.   

    We don’t find this supported today in SMAX.


      - we could ha a webex to show you the problem if you like,

  • Hi Sissel,

    You can configure when Chat is enabled using the Work Schedule that is linked to the relevant Service Level Target set(s).  Here is a starting link in the Help Center:

    Thanks, Steve