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Disable HTTP port in Webservice in Service manager

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


This idea is to disable the HTTP port in webservice in Service manager. As currently the system also you enable a webservice port by both HTTP and HTTPS port. There is no way to disable HTTP port.

In order to restrict the users to connect to webservice port only by HTTPS port, we a feature to disable the HTTP port.

Sample cfg:

sm -httpPort:13080 -sslConnector:1 -httpsPort:14080 -ssl:1 -log:../logs/ws-14080.log -debugnode:1 -webservices_sessiontimeout:
60 -restaccessviabrowser:1 -debugrest:1 -JVMOption0:-Xms256M -JVMOption1:-Xmx256M -rtm:3 -debugdbquery:999

In the above example user can connect through both HTTP (13080) and HTTPS (14080). We need to disable or restrict the HTTP (13080) port.