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Disable "Remove" option from Attachment Section (Windows and Web Clients) in Service Manager 9.6

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over 1 year ago

Customer would like to disable "Remove" option from Attachment Section (Both Windows and Web Clients). 

They would like to keep all the attachments against one particular ticket in SM, just for auditing purpose.

My Troubleshooting:
There’s no such button option for SM newer versions (Post v9.5). I checked all the utilities within the tool. I feel it’s not possible at all. This function is hard-coded in SM, so I am unable to tailor it by tailoring tools in SM. It's totally controlled by separate java applets in both windows and web clients.

P.S: This option is there for almost all the modules in SM.

Open any existing incident from Search Incident form.
Go to Attachment section.
Attach any document from your end from Add files option.
We can remove any attachment through the "X" sign for Web Client and right click and remove for Windows Client.

As a workaround, attachment table can be audited although it’s not recommended in PROD system. In that case, we can see all the details regarding adding or removing attachments against one particular record.