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Disabled Employees: better Control over the Focus (Cursor) needed

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7 months ago

For disabled employees SM knows a special setting. With that setting the rendering and some functionality in the web client can be changed, but other employees are not disturbed, because they still get the original rendering and functionality.

With the special setting for the disabled employees we need enhanced control over the focus (cursor).
Imagine a blind employee with a screen reader or similar. He wants do get the full information of each selected objet in a page while navigating within the page. Unfortunately this is currently not possible.

Two examples:

1) A read-only radio button is not reachable e.g. by arrow keys. So the disabled employee does not get the information of the state of this radio button.

2) It should be possible to set the focus (cursor) to a selected (e.g. first) object with the RAD function in e.g. On Enter or On Display - even if the object is read-only and not a string that can be entered.
Normally the focus (cursor) is set to the first string that can be entered automatically. A call of in e.g. On Enter or On Display is ignored for other objects.
For a disabled employee the call of in e.g. On Enter or On Display should be rewarded


  • The disabled controls in html cannot be focused. However, for disabled employees can navigate the disabled controls in the page when the JAWS is running and it goes to virtual cursor (by pressing ESC or +), then they can use arrow key to go through every controls in page including the disabled controls.