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Display full intormation of text fields (arrays) in a list format

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Already Offered
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over 3 years ago

For a list of activities displayed in tickets or changes the description column only shows the first line of the description. This forces to switch to each activity to read the full information.

Up to SM 9.3 the full text was displayed in the list and you only had to scroll through the list to get a complete overview of the activities. Since SM 9.4 this is no longer possible. There should at least be an option to get the old behavior back when reuiered.


  • The full description information can be displayed.

    1. Log into windows client, Redesign the form "activity.list.g";

    2. Chang the input value from "description,1"  to "description";

    3. Click OK button twice to save the change;

    4. Clear web client cache;

    5. Restart web client.