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Documentation detailing exclusions for anti-virus software for SM 9.52

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

A client has requested detail documentation regarding any recommends files and/or folders that should be excluded from virus scanning.

This is something that is not currently documented and after raising a support case it was suggested the best course of action was to raise an ER in this forum.



    We fully understood your requirement. 

    There have been numerous reports from customers that when running antivirus real-time scans or on-demand scans on SM Server, Web tier, and Eclipse clients that serious performance issues can occur. Please see below link for some details

    If you talk to your antivirus vendor or your Java vendor, or your application server vendor (Websphere) you should also find that there are numerous cases where Java performance is significantly impaired when antivirus programs perform real-time or on-demand scans of Java Archive files (.JAR) files and on web pages that contain JavaScript. This performance degradation (in the case of Java) is due to the antivirus program having to extract (unzip) individual JAR files while the SM application is trying to run at the same time. In all cases, customers chose to implement scanning exceptions to our product file locations/directory structures. 

    From lab, i am afraid we can not provide such list in Service Manager, and we would recommend customer follow their own practice during non-peak time.

  • Hi Ming,

    The customer is not asking for antivirus capability. They already have antivirus installed on the SM servers. They just wanted to know which files or folders should be exempted from their antivirus scan in case their antivirus app puts a lock status on critical SM files and impact SM performance.

  • There is no plan to provide such list because SM OOB does not provide virus scanning capability, and customer has the responsibility to manage it by themselves.