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Download Docker Images without Download "" file

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11 months ago

Hi Team,

I have another ides for the SMAX and SMA-SM

While fresh installation and patching the system or upgrading the system, i.e. 2020.02 to 2020.05

Always we need to download the "" file and download the images manually and transfer it to the customer environment

Could you add one more option of the images download images screen that can allow us one button to download images and it will download images from dockerhub and upload it to the local registry automatically for internet allowed customer environment

I mean, it could've more efficient from the customer and partner side

Because; some of my customer allow internet some of them not.

For instance;
- I am downloading the "" file to my laptop
- then upload it to my server
- downloading the images
- transfering the downloaded images to the customer environment
- upload to local registry

And sometime customer can allow the download images from their environment directly, so this feature could be really use full and save us losing time.

Because transfering the images or jumping to jumping the servers consuming too much time and effort, and customer always standing like "What happened? What is the status of the installation or upgrade?"