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Dynamic Fulfillment Plans

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over 2 years ago



in order to use dynamic fulfillment plans, we need the ability of the fulfillment plans to be duplicated in order to avoid the extra time of making the same again and again OR the ability to change the user options and the tasks when the fulfillment plan is uploaded to the offering.


Our goal is to take the user's input from the "user options" of a parent record and use them in the fulfillment plan of the child record.


We manage to make that happened by using two fulfillment plans with 2-3 exactly same "user options" fields. By using one Automatic Task in the first Offering and the Business Rule "Create record and relationship" with "Request caused by Request" and adding userOptions as ${entity.UserOptions}, the child record took the user's input from the related record.


Our fulfillment plans have many common fields and we have to make them again from scratch in order to make little changes to the new fulfillment plan.




We need the ability to Duplicate Fulfillment Plans


The ability to change the user options and the tasks separately from the fulfillment plan and directly from the offering itself.


Thank you,

George Kourtzis