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Email logging in SMAX

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11 months ago


We need to quite often to search SMAX logs for various of reasons one of those are Email problems. Right now SMAX logs only "from" address but not the "to" address. 

Right now we need to first check the problematic ticket number in SMAX, then we go into SMAX logs to search for this request id and after that one needs to go into SMTP server logs to find out who was the receiver in the email.

It would help tremendously if the actual receiver would be logged into SMAX logs.

Log file in question is global-volume/logs/xservices/platform/itom-xruntime-platform-******/maas/maas_mail.log


  • we need to see a reason as to the failure.  Currently we see no reason for the failure while wireshark shows in some cases the email was actually sent. 

  • as a saas provider, and an MSP provider to customers, we consistently field questions/complaints of "did Request X sent the ______ notification?" or "Customer says they didn't get emailed when their ticket was created."  Having been in this industry for 20 years, these questions are not new, and most solutions have provided the ability for AT LEAST the administrators to look in logs to show that email was sent out.  At the moment, SMAX doesnt provide detailed enough logging for the admin's to determine if it was sent, let alone WHO it was sent to.


    i believe we need this capability.  

  • Completely agree! Email logging is bad.

    We see email failures in the log, but without any detail (what was the failure?). And cross checking SMTP logs (outside of SMAX) we can see some of the emails being actually sent...

    Additionally, it would be very useful to log every email sent. Right now, we investigate missing emails, we don't know if they were even triggered by the workflows.


  • Agents need to have a means in the interface of definitely knowing if and when an email was sent to a customer - and especially when resolutions are proposed or more information is requested from them and they haven't responded for a while

  • This is very much needed. We have customer reported that they are not getting notifications, and there because there is no way to find this in system we are unable to provide any justification.