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Enable attachment in Live Chat

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago

I would like to suggest enable a attachment options while in the Live Chat.

Furthermore, while in chat user able to attached any attachment. 

I believe with this features it is more easier user to show any document for other user to see.

Thank you.


  • I suggest we can do like other e-commerce chat, the attachment or screen shot able to attach with permission. The agent need to allow the permission in order for the customer to attach the file or picture

  • I have also seen the need for this ability in discussions with various implementing customers. Right now users must go to the 'Discussion' section of a Request to be able to post attachments, screenshots, etc. It is a natural expectation to be able to do so right within the chat.


    The attachment sharing must work in both directions - Users should be able to post one in the chat, and agents should be able to post back to the user if they want to share a file with them. 



  • Would be handy when I use Chat with so many sites these days. You got my vote but security is a concern these days so not all attachments should be allowed.