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Enable "drag & drop" for attachments (not graphics)

Status : Already Offered
over 1 year ago

Enable "drag & drop" for attachments (not only graphics), like e.g. SharePoint is doing it


  • While it is possible to add attachments to the rich text field (as you can do it with graphics), the embedded attachment doesn't appear as object in the attachment section of the form. There is also no indicator that shows directly that a rich text field contains attachments.

    In case of the rich text field, an indicator would be helpful.

    My original intention was to have the possibility to add an object in the attachment section via drag and drop. I have to admit: today it worked as expected. I must have had an issue with my system when I initially tested it. So the topic can be closed 


  • Hello,

    I'm able to use drag and drop for files other than images. Is there a particular file type which doesn't work for you?

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