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Enable Service Manager operator web access to be real-time translated via MS Edge

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Our Service Manager implementation has been customised over the years, but this customisation has been applied only into the English language.

We are now facing a situation where we need to provide a group of users access in another language.  Translating our screens is very much a last resort option as this will incur a large amount of one-off effort and also ongoing effort will be needed to maintain the translated screens.

We are instead keen to use the translate capability built in to the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser to present English language Service Manager screens to our end users in the language of their choice.   The current canary version of Edge available at  contains  a fix that is expected to be in production around the end of October 2020 which has improved iframe handling which makes this feasible for use with Service Manager.

There is however one issue remaining - when working with tickets, user input fields with the exception of the ticket description are also being translated as the browser is identifying these at times as display fields suitable for translation (the browser is designed not to translate input fields). The result is that drop-down values in particular such as Service, assignment group and classification fields are also being translated into invalid options which then generate errors upon ticket save and lead to the user having to re-enter these during each save operation.

The suggestion from Microsoft is to apply a "notranslate" attribute to the property for such fields - and to ideally add this to a property already describing the fields rather than needing to add this to each field individually - this would then leave selection options untranslated but the remainder of the screen translated which would be a very workable solution.