Idea ID: 1793287

Enable the information of the Data Model for Service Portal of SMA / SMAX

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

At present there is no information available on the Data Model of the Service Portal od SMA / SMAX.

In consequence the customers, who deployed the Service Portal as the replacement of the SRC, have to approach MF software support / CPE team in regard to number a of issues being raised on the edge of Service Portal and SM.

When having the details of the Data Model available, it would allow for way more enhanced debugging of the Portal related issues being performed by the customer, narrowing the scope of teh effort required from the vendor.

Please consider sharing the Service Portal Data Model information with customers to improve the efficiency and easiness of the implemntation and troubleshooting performed in accordance to Service Portal !  

  • From 201902, in both SMAX and SMA-SM mixed mode service portal, all the service portal data is from SMAX or Service Manager, and there is no separate database to store service portal information, therefor there is no date model can be referred in service portal side.