Idea ID: 1646840

End users portal searching or filtering

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

End users may end up with 100's of requests in their portal and need some way of searching or filtering the requests.

Detail description:

User Story: As a team leader, I want to search/filter my open requests so that I can find the correct request
User Role: Team leaders, admin assistants the users who request multiple offerings for multiple people
Requirement: to be able to search and filter the open or closed request in the portal
Benefit: to pinpoint the correct request among so many requests
Value: Less time spent while trying to find the proper request.
Detailed Description: In the my requests page, the end users see their open and closed request. There is no search or filter capability there in the page. End users need to scroll down many times to find a specific request if there are more than 20-30 requests. The solution can be a filter box or a search on that screen as there is search on the offerings.