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Enhance IR Expert - identify whether the query needs to perform IR expert search or general query

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over 1 year ago

If the current Report/Favorites/View query contains IR KEY (the description field in our scenario), in order to improve performance, RTE/server will preferentially use IR expert search.
IR Expert is an intelligent, concept-based information retrieval engine that searches the Service Manager database for similar or related information based on a natural language query. So we need to specify the logical relationship between IR Keys (ANY, RELATED, ALL).
But in this scenario, we cannot specify the logical relationship, so the default logical relationship is used (the default is ALL in Apps side) what cause invalid results showed to the user who created condition with OR operator.

Query statements in the favorites:
description#"*TSS*" or description#"*ZOOM*"

Query statements in the RTE side:
19284( 16788) 03/09/2020 16:18:55 RTE D DBQUERYˆFˆcm3r(postgresql)ˆ0ˆ0.000000ˆIˆ2ˆ0.109000ˆ"description.structure,description#"*TSS*" or description.structure,description#"*ZOOM*" and (description.structure,description#"*TSS*" or description.structure,description#"*ZOOM*")"ˆ ˆ0.000000ˆ0.000000 ( [ 4] )

To solve this behavior we need to enhance IR Expert for this scenario.

We need to intelligently identify whether the current query statement needs to perform an IR expert search or a general query, instead of judging based on whether an IR Key exists in the query statement.