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Enhance "start" Script for SmartAnalytics processes

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over 2 years ago


If starting the "content" processes take longer for some reason, "category" process will not startup.


"startup" of SmartAnalytics processes is mainly dependent on
- the order of the processes and
- "successful" start of the previous processes

The order is already reflected in the "start" script:

Content: (of SM9.52 for example) :
sc start "HPE SM Smart Analytics Content1"
sc start "HPE SM Smart Analytics Content2"
sc start "HPE SM Smart Analytics Content3"
sc start HPESMSmartAnalyticsSmartSearchProxy
sc start HPESMSmartAnalyticsMainServer
sc start "HPE SM Smart Analytics Image Server1"
sc start HPESMSmartAnalyticsCFSServer

If the startup of the next process depends on successful start of previous process it would be really great to have a start script which controls that itself
(check the corresponding application log for the successful message or check the process somehow else if it's up and running).
Currently some customers add some delay times in the start script but they need to estimate the delay times.