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Enhancement of the command 'sm -svc_import' with a purge option at least

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

The current implementation  of the command 'sm -svc_import' does not enable the purge of superfluous files.

Use case in DevOps
Consider an environment with several / a lot of Service Managers that differ slightly on a common base of files.
The common base is exported and checked in in a software version control system like e.g. a github.
Now one or more files of that common base is scheduled to be deleted. That should be fully done via a script (using 'sm -svc_import') with the lowest downtime/efford.
Currently this is not possible. One has to setup each of the Service Managers completely anew.

A) Proposed enhancements of the command 'sm -svc_import'
New parameter: svc_purgefiles
Specifies a list of files that you want to purge. Use commas to separate multiple files (no space before or after a comma).
(Alternative: new command 'sm -svc_purge' with parameter svc_files following the description above.)

B) Proposed enhancements of the commanda 'sm -svc_import' and 'sm -svc_export' (and maybe 'sm -svc_purge')
 (nice to have for test purposed, even automated tests)

Additional new parameter: svc_simulate
Does not execute the base command, i.e. no change of files.
Creates a list of files grouped by action labels
(in case the same command would be executed without the parameter svc_simulate):

  • imported (without replacing an existing file)
  • replaced
  • purged
  • (maybe: untouched/kept)
  • exported

Uses commas to separate multiple files (no space before or after a comma).