Idea ID: 1658338

Enhancement Request to Reverse Proxy functionality

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

Currently it is not possible to set up a reverse proxy just for the end users accessing release control. Either ALL communications need to happen through the reverse proxy (including the technical link between SM App and RC) or ALL communication need to happen directly without the reverse proxy.
Therefore, please add a configuration option that allows the usage of a reverse proxy for the end user access while maintaining the direct connectivity from SM App to RC


Having a back-end communication go through a reverse proxy that is supposed to secure the end user connectivity is a security risk.


Here are the two diagrams showing in details the current and desired behavior.RC-current.pngRC-desired.png

  • The diagram is not showing a containerized deployment of SMA. Regardless of the type of deployment (classic or container), support for Reverse Proxy (RP) is the responsbility of suites not CDF.

    This idea should be moved to the SMA suite.