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Expand the support for attachment file type

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

I'm not sure why Micro Focus has limited the list of file types (documented in Help Center) that can be attached to a record in SMA-X. When registering a new Project in SMA-X, I found out that I couldn't attach a Microsoft Project document, or a Visio document.

SMA-X should allow all file types that e.g. E-mail systems also allow as attachment.

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  • The solution should be very strength forward without any legacy restrictions. 

    1. Accept only the rest will be declined (array of filetypes) if empty all filetypes will be accepted. 

    2. List of of file types which are not acceptable the rest will be accpted  (array of filetypes) 

  • While waiting for community votes on this idea, I wanted to share the reason behind restricting files types: SMA limits file types that can include macros given the potential security risk. The SMAX list is shorter than SM for historical reasons (inherited from SAW). If implemented, the goal would be to match the SMA-SM list. Implementation would require customers to accept enabling additional file types may expose the system to additional security concerns.

     Question: for multi-tenant environments, would this be set for instance or tenant level? Who /which role can enable additional file types?  

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