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Export the Record Category data from a tenant and import it to the other.

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9 months ago

Product details:
Release Version: 2020.08
Build Number: 2020-Jul-30-19:33:40
Tenant type: Development

We would like to have a possibility in SMAX through which we can export the data of Record Category module in a file and then use that export file to import the data to other tenants.

Location of Record Category in the main menu: Administration > Master Data > Categories

We cannot use the Package generation which generates a pkb file as it only contains the Studio part. Instead we want to export the categories which are created in the Record Categories module.

We found a document( in the microfocus documents which talks about the export data functionality in SMAX but that too cannot be used as there is no list view option available for Record Category.

Why is it important:
This will help us to maintain the same categories data to all the tenants as we will be able to create the categories data on one tenant and just take the export from it and import that file to other tenants without much effort. This will help us to keep the tenants in sync regarding the Record Category data.
Design suggestion:
We would suggest to provide a list view for the Record Category module as well same as it is available for most of the record types. If we would have list view then we can use the already available functionality to export data to xls or csv file.

The other suggestion is that to add a functionality in SMAX which could be used to generate a file with the data for a particular record which would be very similar to the package generation(pkb) that is already present in SMAX. The only difference would be that instead of Studio part it will generate the data file of records chosen.

Please see the attachment as well.

  • Thanks for the suggestion on the export procedure. We could use this method to export the records in the Record Category.

    We observed that the field names in the exported file are the display names which is not the case when we export from the list view of the record. And also when we import the data in the Studio then the unique field names are used instead of display names, so, to import the exported file from one tenant to another, the field names must be changed manually before importing the data. Is there a way to eliminate this manual work.

    Could you please also let us know the correct way to import the Record Category data to another tenant from one tenant? We ask this because the category records are divided into three levels which are related to each other and there is only one record for all levels. We need to identify the fields which need to be imported to maintain the levels as well. So, if there is any predefined method available which we can use to import the Record Category records, it would help us to achieve it in less time.

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team.

  • Hello,

    You can create a raw operational report and then export the data. If you have more than 800 record categories, you will need to create more than one report, or you can use the REST API to extract the data.

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