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Extend the configuration options for the IDOL engine in SMAX

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

Extend the configuration options for the IDOL engine in SMAX so Tenant Administrators have full control over which fields are indexed by IDOL in each of the entity types.


  1. Currently custom fields cannot be indexed by IDOL in SMAX: the main reason for adding categorization fields is exactly because you want to split the search results in different ways
  2. Search results only shows minimal fields and sometime a key differentiator is in another field: so it would be good to be allowed to add a field to the search result string
  3. Currently IDOL does not seem to index new Entities which you add in Studio: it would be good to be able to flag a new Entity (Workflow) as needing to be indexed and shown in results or dropdowns

Note: the design could be very similar to how SMA-SM handles Smart-Analytics Libraries



  • What is the status of this idea? Every use case we face needs 2-3 custom fields which should be searchable for users. If we are talking about Enterprise Service Management and not just IT Service Management, we need to have essential features like these. 

  • This is a very much needed improvement. Apart from OOTB entities (where it is definitely needed), it makes no sense on being able to create custom entity records, hence modelling the local business according to one needs, and then not being able to search the information.

    Microfocus, any chance you would finally give it a go to this long lasting idea?



  • Ping, any news regarding this Idea? It's been almost 3 years since the idea's status changed to "under consideration".



  • Hi,

    Whats the situation with this idea? Micro Focus support confirmed recently that global search doesn't search from custom made fields and pointed to this idea.

    This feature should absolutely be added as soon as possible.

  • Sorry, any news on this idea. It was opened two years ago...

    Customer is very interested to this feature.