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External End-users can register themselves when logging in for the first time

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

The system should handle End-Users that are not necessary known to the system up front. Typically, external users not registered in any "inside" LDAP registry. 

It should be a predefined form available in the Portal for the user to fill in and submit for automatic registration of a new Contact. This process should be configurable, if someone would like to add approvals before the contact is activated, or maybe add filters allowing this functionality to users from certain domains.

  • Another year has gone, with no development in the aria of handling unknown external users. We are not able to expand the use of SMAX to ESM areas. We are also talking about large market space with less competition that cannot be addressed.

    The ideas you mention  has to many issues to be implemented in a Production environment. The solution for Live Support will only add contacts, and the Request added will not register the caller in the same way as other Request when it comes to the use of Requested for and Requested by fields. This gives us wrong reports where this fields is included.

    If you add a new landing page before SMAX login page, and create users by using the API, the external user most likely have a new domain not registered in SMAX authorized email domain list, which gives you several new issues.

    Micro Focus needs to think this thru and come up with a solution to handle external unknown users.

  • A couple of ideas in the meantime:

    - In a recent Practitioner Forum meeting we demonstrated a solution that may partly address the need to handle users not known in advance. The solution is only for Live Support, not ESS, but maybe address some customers. See the January 17 meeting recording here

    - Another idea would be to have a separate "registration" page where the user enters the basic information, and then the API is used to create the account. This would be a custom solution, but might work for those who urgently need it. Thoughts? 

  • Thanks for all the votes and comments. We are looking into this as a future product enhancement. Check the notifications box to be emailed if the status changes.


  • Hi   -  can you elaborate on multi-tenant? Is this becuase they don't have access to LDAP? Not sure how multi-tenant applies.

  • I think that this is critical to have.

    Specially important for multitenant implementations where users from different organizations need to access the self service functionalities. Thanks!