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"Filter by title" field for searching in SM-navigator

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Searching for a menu entry in SM-navigator is always a mess.

A filter field on top of the navigator to filter by title for a key word  would be great.



This function is available in the docs portal:





  • Agree, that this would be helpful.


    Actually SM is offering something similiar - not exactly - in the command line. Like system navigator, the available commands are extracted of the menu records.

    Menu records have a "command" column. If for a menu option here a valid is defined, it can be used in SM client command line.

    In addition, there is the command:  #<prefix>

    This actually runs a starts-with query on these commands defined in menu records.

    So this is not for searching the command by label in system navigator - but still a help to find commands quickly.