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Filter option in SmartSearch

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over 1 year ago


we need a possibility to add more filter to the smartsearch result list. Currently there is only a possibility to filter "Last modified Date" as you can see in the screenshot. 

We would like to extend this with fields that we want to determine ourselves. For example, for CIs that appear in the records which are shown in the result list. We need the possibility to calculate the selection of the individual criteria individually or to define default values. Example:
With the CI the result list of the SmartSearch should be searched and all CIs occurring there should offer as selection for the CI filter.
Or for the default case, a filter for the language afterwards only knowledge records of the language are displayed, the values do not have to be calculated individually.
The filters must be installable with values, so that e.g. there already by default what is filtered and the user can then influence this by adjusting or removing the filters.

The advantage of filtering is that the user can determine for himself which filters are active and can activate or deactivate each filter individually.
Currently we use the Predefined filters, which can only be removed at once and the user has no idea what is filtered there.