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filter service recipient and contact

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over 2 years ago


I got request example: there are users from the different company, when user log the case via ess and when user search for service recipient or contact, they are not allowed to see others company's contacts name. They only see the list of contacts based on operator login company. Any script can share in link file?


  • Please update your script with $query="true"  and try. It will filter contacts in all companies

    Or you can set  $query="company isin {\"companyA\", \"companyB\"}" .It will filter the contacts in companyA and companyB


    below are my link file script for but I m not sure why the last syntax in bold color it's not working. When I not null, it dosen't filtered

    Appreciate that if you can guide me

    $query="company= $"
    if null( in $File) then ($query=$query)
    if (not (null( in $File))) then ($query=$query+" and in $File") else ($query=$query)


  •  thanks fro your reply,

    yes, i am talking about the ESS in Service Manager. When the ESS user from company ABC, he/she only allow to search all the contacts belongs to ABC company

  •  are you talking about ESS in Service Manager or anything else? And we are not very clear about your request, could you please provide more in detail? thank you