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Flexibity to display the fields in Service Portal

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago


Today in SMA-SM Service Portal, we can see the details of the tickets which are in your approval section,

Our customer requested to display few more fields of Service Manager in Service Portal in Change Approval section(i.e. Outage start and outage end). I think it's good to provide the flexibility to display SM fields, so that customer can choose the fields which they want in Service Portal.




  • from SMA-SM 2020.08, approval page in service portal can be configured in SM side

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  • With approvals it is important that the approver has the information available to enable an informed assessment.  For technical changes a key factor will be business impact - whether a change has an associated outage and timing and duration of this outage are key deciding factors which I assume would apply to all. Having flexibility to configure further additional fields would in my opinion improve this further.