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Flexible approval window: ability to customize fields on a per user basis, etc.

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over 1 year ago

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

The approval window in SM 9.62 is exactly the same that as it was in SM 9.2 or even earlier, with no customization options available and no new functions. We think it can provide a much better user experience with some additional improvements:

  • Ability for users to customize what fields they see so approvers can quickly see the relevant data they need directly in the list of approvals,
  • Ability to sort buy any column,
  • Ability to customize the number of changes displayed (10, 20, etc.),
  • When you go to a change, and then go back to the list, it should go to the same point (if you have 30 approvals and you were on the third screen, then go back to the third screen, don't start over),
  • Ability to show changes in different colors based on customizable rules,
  • A pop up that showed additional information of the approval.

Thank you