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FlexNet publisher integration with AM

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Manufacturing companies use many CAD tools that use "floating license" scheme.

Those floating licensed applications use license server, usually Flexnet Publisher.

To manage floating licenses, it's essential to get data from license servers. (Application Names, # of total license, # of used license and etc ) 

Customer wants to see license status for floating licensed applications.

This will make our SAM much better and resolve pain point of MRD customers in terms of license management.

1. to show how many copied we have and how many copies are used at the time of query.


2. to provide hourly, weekly and monthly statistics on license usage (per software, per license, per feature)


3. to provide a current user list (user id, ip, hostname) at the time of query.


4. to show how many copies customer has (per software, license and feature)


5. A LMS that needs to integrate is FlexNet (including FlexLM)