Idea ID: 1769354

Full SSO authentication - without tenant ID

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

Requirement for genuine SSO using a direct url to SMA Portal in a single-tenant environment. 

Currently, users have to type and/or save the URL with the tenantID as well as SSO=true, this creates unnecessary overhead any time a new tenant is deployed. 

Request for enhancement to enable sign in using simple url such as http://Portal, without the need to type in the tenantID 


  • I would like to have something similar with the ability to have each tenant as a sub-domain.

    i.e. Finance is a tenant and they should have to go to the URL http://finance.<domain_name>.com

    and likewise for another tenant DXC (outsourcing vendor) to be on http://DXC.<domain_name>.com and have them link via SSO