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Functionality to disable/deactivate and enable/activate an operator

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

There are times where employees may go on maternity or paternity leave. Or suspended or going on extended leave. For security reason, it's good to be able to disable or deactivate those operator record and re-active it when they resume work.

I tried administrative lock on the operator record but users can still see the user in the assignment group and assign cases to them. There's no warning that the operator has an administrative lock on it.

I could use administrative lock and manually remove the operator from all the assigmnent groups but it will be hard to remember all the groups that the operator belongs to when they come back to work after a long time.

Unloading the operator and related records and reloading the records is also not very convenient. It should be an out ot the box functionality.