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Generating Download Image Script for Patch relases

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

Hi Team,


I have another idea for the new features for SMAX and SMA-SM


As you know, in the 2020.05 version, generating "" file before start the installion of the SMAX or SMA-SM feature has been released. I can completely download all images before hand the start installation.


Is it possible that you can add the same feature for patch releases?


Because I've tried the generate the same way for patch images, it has been generated for whole images included suite premium (nearly 92 images). 


But during the patch the system it nearly show me required 20-30 images. Is it possible that you can partially generate the download script for specific patch version?


It can check the currently exist images and runderstand the only required images, then gave it to me


So, I can download only nearly 20-30 images much more efficient


This could've really saving us from to losing time