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Global Lead Time should take into account Task conditions

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over 2 years ago
  • Brief Description

The calculation of Planned Start and Planned end for Request Tasks should take conditional Task into consideration.


Consider a task plan That contains 2 request Tasks. One having a planned lead time of 1 day and another with a planned lead time of 20 days.

If the second task has a condition that is not fullfilled, it will not be activated, and the Request will only contain the first task, with a lead time of one day. But the Global Lead time will still be 20 Days.

(See attachment for Steps to Reproduce that use this scenario)

  • Benefits / Value

The Global Lead time is useless if it does not reflect the lead times of the tasks really created.  This ER was logged in the past already but has not been implemented:  QCCR1E132298 Wrong global lead time in the requests.  Please re-consider.

Design details

The time calculations should only take into account those tasks that are actually instantiated.