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Have a customisable notification icon on web client that point to latest SMA version's What's New.

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

Problem: I noticed that lots of folks do not know when new SM version comes out or what it offers. 

It would be nice to see a flashing icon on the web client whenever a new version is out. Upon clicking it, It takes me to the latest SMA version online documentation page of What's New.  Users can easily get to the latest online help from the web client like they can from windows client. Like the old days.

This can be setup at the moment only on the windows client but the defaults do not point to the latest version since Micro Focus do not have an url for SM online that will always redirect to the latest version of a product. The default content field value also do not point to the release notes page to show What's New.

I understand that some customers would not like their users to have access to the latest online help which may be different from their customised SM. However, SM should be able to offer options  for customer to choose whether to link latest online help only for certain admins and power users and to toggle notification on new version /release. It would help the admins and power users be aware of the latest SM version and new functionalities and fixes. That may help promote more upgrades as users may want those new functionalities already offered in the latest version.

Ditto for SMAX