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HelpDesk Analysts cannot craete/update People records

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10 months ago

SMAX 2019.11 or higher release does not allow IT Agents to create/modify/view PEOPLE records without enable the "Access to application administration modules) in the Role record (e.g. IT USER role).

We add a PERSON record in an IT USER role with create, view, update, and Admin permissions. The IT USER role is granted to the HelpDesk Analysts.They could not see the object of Master Data > People.

The HelpDesk Analysts should view the People records regarding their location,  phone number, manager name, etc.), when they work on Incident or Request tickets.

I register a technical question case to Micro Focus support team. The specialist told me that it is impossible to achieve it. Could future release of SMAX allowing Analysts to view Person records without enable the "Access to application administration modules" in the ROLE record?

Thank you.