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Hide/remove 2 fields "Order Name" and "Purpose for Ordering"

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Customer want to remove/hide those to field for the reason that this will help easy submit a request,
and once the user select the required fields from first checkout page, the request or incident open automatically.
At the moment the second field "Purpose for Ordering" in mandatory but is not shown like this ( no star at the left side at this field )

Please, see the attachment.


  • This is fixed in 2019.02 with new mixed mode Service Portal. In the new mixed mode Service Portal, the two fields "Order Name" and "Purpose for Ordering" do not exist any more. Instead the "Title" and "Description" will be used in the checkout panel. Since we support checkout panel customization in 2019.02, you may remove "Title" and "Description" based on your business needs.

  • Hello there. Is there an update on this? The same subject is available to many customers and I could not make changes. Can you help me?

  • this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap, timing TBD. Subscribe to receive updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and subject to change)