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Hide the Portal PT# / POR

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

Want to hide the Portal PT#’s (unique identifiers when an end user raises a Service Request or Support Request – want to hide both of the portal ID’s).

We understand the background to these identifiers – but they only have one ITSM backend and it creates confusion for the end users. They would be happy to hide it just on the portal.


  • Delivered in SMA 2018.08.002

  • My customer has similar problem, while they think it's not making sense to do ONLY HIDDING, due to the fact that approver see PR/PE Ticket numbers only. Their best scenario is to have SDXXXX number shown across all which is
    • Visible on “Your Requests Listing” Note: Now is not
    • Visible on “Your Requests ‘s Ticket detail” (when click on it)
    • Visible on “Your Approvals listing” Note: Note: Now is not
    • Visible on “Your Approval ticket detail” (when click on lt) 

    But if the above not possible or take longer time, then PORXXX number shown across all which is:

    • Visible on “Your Requests Listing”
    • Visible on “Your Requests ‘s Ticket detail” (when click on it)  Note: Now is not
    • Visible on “Your Approvals listing” Note: Note: Now is not
    • Visible on “Your Approval ticket detail” (when click on lt) .  Note: Now is not

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  • Agree 100%. I understand why it exists but for a common user it's another confusing detail.

  • It would be easier to show to the end user only the interaction number, in order to have the same "kind of" number when the user contacts the Service Desk or creates a ticket thru the Portal.