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HTTP Status code cannot be captured apart from User Option

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over 1 year ago

Hi Team ,

Description: We need to capture http status code like 200,400,401,403 etc when we integrate SMAX with other tool using Rest API . Currently we have a use case where our customer have multiple CMDB . From SMAX device table we integrate to these CMDB (2 way) using OPB Rest executor . So if there is any change in SMAX phase the corresponding status are updated in the CMDB and vice versa . In SMAX currently we dont have any mechanism to do error handling and the status codes are only captured in user option . 

So it will be really beneficial to provide a option to capture status code apart from user option , atleast an option needs to be provided to store the response along with httpstatus code in Comments section [Currently we cannot use comments for response field ]

Benefit /Value: Currently there is no mechanism to retry and also if due to some issue or network the integration might not work , only option now is to check Endpoint status whether its success or failed .Also for Failure we are not able to capture responses . This will help for error handling as well as 3rd party rest integrations in modules which doesnt have user options 

Design: Currently we can capture httpstatus code only User Options  and user options are available only in certain modules only . We need to have a ability to capture http status code apart from user options as well  in a field or in  Comments .

Please change the design to capture httpstatuscode