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I am missing documentation for New ITSMA portal (SAW portal)

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over 3 years ago

New Service Portal (SAW poratal https://server/saw/ess) for SM 9.5x and SM 9.6x.

We need information how to implement following customizations into the portal:

  • apply Czech language for the interface.
  • some changes of the default localization.
  • to add some additional links or buttons to some web pages.
  • to change the branding.
  • to add some custom attributes to forms.



  • Hi  

    I discussed the various items with the team - for the most part, this is not in the documentation as it's not supported yet.  The Idea Forum is the right place to log these, but we need one topic per Idea posting (otherwise we don't know what the community is voting for, and the Idea status can't be marked).  

    More details below - 

    1. Czech language - SMA-SM is planning to support this via a feature called Open Localization. This means customers and partners can create additional translations, but it's not supported OOTB.  There is no need to create a separate Idea as it's already on the roadmap.  
    2. Changes to default location - supported for the Service Portal as of the 2018.02 release, we will consider as part of the Open Localization feature. Please log a new idea for including Agent and/or Admin text in the Open Localization if more than end user text localization is desired. 
    3. Additional links or buttons - we plan to release a feature that will allow you to launch a URL through a widget in the SMA SP landing page.  Is that what you meant? If not, please log a separate Idea with the specifics, which will allow the rest of the community to comment on the single idea. 
    4. Change branding - there is already significant theming capabilities. What is missing from your perspective? (Again, needs to be a single idea in order for the Community to comment.)
    5. Custom attributes to forms - not currently supported. Requires a separate idea. 

    Submission guidelines for submitting new ideas here

  • Will submit feedback via new Documentation Feedback capabiltiy 

  • Thanks for your patience. The Idea Forum is fairly new, and the ability to enter documentation feedback is brand new, so I apolgoize for the mis-information. The docs team will absolutely see the feedback, and thanks for taking the time to submit multiple times.


  • It is the fourth place where I was redirected to type the comment. SM Support redirected me to ITSMA support the ITSMA support redirected me to the forum and the forum redirects me to the documentation. I have added the comment to the ITSMA documentation as well. I hope someone solves it.

  • Hi - if you're missing documentation, there is a new capacility to submit comments directly from the online documenation (see bottom of each page). If the features are not available in the product (and that's why they're not documented) please submit as separate ideas.