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Icon inside List

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over 1 year ago

Hi Experts


We dont have an option to choose Icon for OOB list .Currently this only available for OOB list or some option to add it to them  

Benefits / Value : 

By implementing this it will help to add ICONS to OOB list values as well .

Ex : Currently many customer would like segregate Support /Service /HR request . Currently only option for them is to use Request type in columns .Some time Request type will not be in View or would have removed . So by having this ICON option it will be easy for agents by seeing the ICONS which ticket the Request belongs to . 

Similar it will be beneficial in other places as well 

Design details: 

Enable option to add Icon for OOB field or give some option where we can add it .

This option is enable for Custom list , so it would be great if this can be enabled for OOB as well 

In View it will should highlight based on the ticket without adding a column or some configuration