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ID number formats and pool

Status : Declined
9 months ago


Currently all record IDs in SMAX are using same ID pool and every record created including service request, incident, change, person, SLT and even history records are taking the next number in a sequence from the pool. However there are some issues regarding to that:

1- It is not possible to distinguish record type from number. No suffix or prefix.

2- Numbers are not following a sequence for module records such as Incident, Service Request modules even though records are created sequentially in a short time frame. For example, if a Service Request is created with ID "30000", next service request will take "30003" or "30004" as ID, because IDs "30002","30003" were used by SLT and history records created for the service request "30000". Many users have habit to use numbers for sorting ,not creation date.

Another point is, since the IDs "30002","30003" were used by history and SLT records, a user cannot see where those IDs are assigned to and it may be an issue during an audit because the auditor may think, somebody deleted or hide some records in the system. A customer was stressed this issue and they said, it was very essential to have records saved with sequential IDs. Otherwise they have to prove that,missing IDs have been used elsewhere or discarded because of a system error.

In conclusion, it would be better to have different numbering pool(s) for Application modules such as Incident, Service Request, Change, Problem but other modules like History, Person, Group, Studio Apps, etc. can use a common numbering source.


Alper Ozdemir


  • SMAX uses a single sequence of IDs across the entire system to ensure that each ID is unique within the system.  This allows exact matches when search for an ID in the Global Search for example.  We do not plan to change this at this time.