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ID number is random when using HA

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Customer is having feeling that the ticket numbers are generated randomly.

Customer environment is a "Small" configuration with 3 master and 3 worker nodes. Version is 2018.08

The setup is in high availability mode. 

According to our document, the numbers are random.

ID numbers may not appear to be continuous because of the high availability setup of the application. In particular, each server has its own list of ID numbers to allocate. So, if consecutive records are processed by the same server, they are in sequence. However, if they are processed by different servers, they are not in sequence.

Customer wants to have number allocation in strict sequential manner.

Can this be taken as product enhancement request?

In addition, if environment is non-HA mode, would the ID number always be continous?


  • We have reviewed this idea and determined that it isn’t a fit on our product roadmap for reasons described in the documentation. Even with one server, while the IDs will be sorted, they will not be sequential, as we use the same ID space across all entities. 

    So they are not generated randomly. Please explain the use case or 'why' srict seqential is needed.