Idea ID: 1651283

Implement in SMA-SM/SMAX - Allow for a clickable, embedded URL in catalog user option

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

We need that feature in SMA-SM/SMAX Portal to allow our user to simple click on url in user option label, instead of having to cut and paste in a new windows/tab.


  • URLs in Rich Text User Options do not work as expected in SMAX (e.g. 2019.02, 2019.08):

    1. When the URL is clicked in Editable Mode then the "URL editor" pops up
      • This is potentially acceptable as you can argue it is editing it
      • You have to use the menu and choose "Open Link in New Tab/Window..."
    2. When the URL is clicked in Read-Only Mode then NOTHING happens
      • This is not really acceptable
      • Most people will NOT try the popup menu in this case

    At least for pure SMAX, can the behaviour of the URLs in a Read-Only field be changed to actually work like a link? I.e. go straight to the linked page.


    Ben Rabau

    Note: I believe this is similar in a mixed SM/SMAX case...


  • We have reviewed this idea and requested additional information before we can change status to Waiting for Votes. Once provided we'll review again.

  • Hi  and  - could you explain further please? 

    are you asking for a user option of type URL (that is clickable) OR a the ability to click a url FROM the user option label? I think it's the former, but the description suggests the later.  Despite the fact people voted, it's ambiguous :-)  An example would help clarify. 

    If the former (a user option of type URL) please also describe when/why it can't be added to the description. 

    Thank you!

  • I have removed the QCCR code as the reference is not meaningful to the community at large

  •  We need this too. We are trying to hack the code at the moment but the suggested changes from support don't work