Idea ID: 2698878

Improve SMAX search capabilities

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

SMAX is built on intelligent components like Vertica and IDOL, but there are some simple improvements that can be made to make its search capabilities much more user friendly. Here are some examples:

  1. New knowledge articles are not found, since they have not been selected by anyone yet. Even if the title and content of the article exacly matches the search string.
  2. When an incident relates to a CI in the CMDB (e.g. a server), the CI is highlighted in the incident description and services related to this CI are related to the incident. But the suggested solutions do not take this related information into account, but bases it solely on the text of the incident. So if your Email service has moved from serverA to serverB, and you get a solution suggestion still related to the old function of the CI, not the new one.
  3. Searches based on text do not take into account different forms of a word (e.g. singular versus plural) in non-English languages. (In Norwegian "Skrivere" means "Printers", "Skriver" means "Printer", so if searching for any one of them, it should match either.

There are probably many more examples of lacking search and "smart analytics" functionality that the underlying technology (Vertica & IDOL) actually supports.

  • Rolf,

    While I agree that there are search improvements that could be made to SMAX, I need to decline this Idea as it has been submitted.  In order to understand what people are voting on, we need Ideas to be for a single, specific, improvement.  I encourage you to submit new ideas following this guideline.

    Thanks, Steve