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Improve SMAX surveys

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago


We would like to have the following improvments/correction in the surveys:

1) Have more formatting options for the text/titles...

By example the titles of the question cannot be formatted like the description since it's not a rich text.

We would like to be able to select the size, color, bold...

2) Change the message displayed to users when the survey was already answered, today when the user click on a survey he has already answered, he gets the following message in French:  L'ENQUETE N'EST AS DISPONIBLE".

THe message is not correct since he gets an answer because he already answered, and there is a letter missing in the french version.

The best would be to allow users to customize the messages.

3) We would like to be able to use rules in the survey editor to make questions appaear or mandatory depending of the choice given on the previous questions.

4) We would like to be able to set a validity period on the survey sent. To say that users have to answer before 5 days per example and after block him.

5) Cold surveys: we would like to be able to send cold surveys which will not be linked to a request.

For those cold surveys we would like to have the possibility to choose the perimeter of users to which the survey will be send depending on contacts informations (company, active, type...). The best would be to be able to choose our filter with all the fields available.


6) Formatting issue on question. Today we have display issues with question, when the text is too long some words are cut  between 2 lines. We would prefer not to cut the word but send the entire word to the next line (see screenshot attached).





  • Hi Mess,

    It is hard to track votes when an idea contains many topics - even if they are all related to one topic as is the case for this Idea.  Please resubmit these with a single topic per Idea.  Also, localization issues can be submitted to Support.



  • As there's a lot here, I'll add specifically what in that list I'd particularly like to see.

    More formatting would be good, but I've long been after number 4, as some users end up with a long list of surveys that they've never completed which isn't ideal.

    Cold surveys are already possible, albeit only to particular groups of users, but the email notifications currently have a bug that means (certainly for us) it doesn't actually notify everyone about it when sending to larger groups of users, so they'd have to happen up on it in the Service Portal.