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Improve survey results management

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


We would like to have the possibility to create operational report and operational raw data report on the survey results.

That functionality would help our Service Desks to analyse in real time the feedbacks of the requests of their clients, by allowing them to have a list of request were the clients wasn't satisfied by the answer brought by the Service Desk.
In those operational report we would like to have the possibility to choose all the fields of the survey result and fields of the related records (request and person) tables.
We also must be able to do filter on the fields of the survey result table and on the related tables fields.

The client wants to be able to have a report with the list of tickets where the client was not satisfied, the ID of the request must be displayed in that list and clickable to open directly the request.
If the report is displayed as a graph, each group must be clickable so that the user is brought to the request list with the filter defined on the report allowing him to see the detail of the group.