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Improve the html editor in SM 9+ so that users don’t have to edit html source for basic functions

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

We have identified a feature content editors want regarding the html editor in Knowledge and Catalog articles. Specifically to:

  •  Improve the html editor included in Service Manager 9.+ so that users don’t have to edit html source for basic functionality
  • Improve relative linking functionality

Benefits / Value

  • Users unfamiliar with html source editing are able to publish knowledge easily
  • User can focus on content not technical behaviours
  • Internal relative linking makes improves upgrades and site portability
  • Static links break often. 

Design details

Specifically we need the html editor to provide the option when setting a URL link to:

  • Set the URL behaviour to open in either
    • the current window or
    • a new tab/window
  • instead of specifying a URL, easily select a
    • Knowledge article or
    • Catalog item
  • Easily Set as
    • a relative URL for internal linking
    • a fixed URL for linking to external sites

I note that the HTML editor in this forum allows a user to set the browser open behaviour!