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Improve User Options display layout and query functions in the Request ticket on Agent Interface

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Current SMAX 2020.02.002 release User Options in Service Catalog Offering record has some limitations on Form display layout and data query function.

We modify one Offering item to have nine (9) new fields, they are:

-  Certificate Start Date (DATETIME, medium size)

-  Certificate End Date (DATE, medium size)

-  Grant to Person (ENTITY LINK, to PERSON, medium size))

-  Modules (LIST, medium size), create 5 drop list items

-  Grandfather (Boolean, medium size)

-  Grandmother (Boolean, medium size)

-  Certificate Holder (Boolean, medium size)

-  Spouse (Boolean, medium size)

-  Boy Child (Boolean, medium size)

-  Girl Child (Boolean, medium size)

We encounter the following limitations:

  1. There is no “Label” field type in the User Options to explain the function of all Boolean fields (e.g. Please select one or many item(s) that are applied).
  2. All the above fields are displayed one (1) field per line in the Request ticket’s Catalog Offer section under General tab. We would like to organize 2 fields per line or 3 Boolean fields per line, because they are defined in medium size.
  3. When IT Agents change the date or value of each User Options field, the previous and new data values are captured in the History tab. All of them are concentrated in one line. They cannot be displayed one field per line.
  4. The value of User Options Date field should show the actual time of date (should be same as Creation Time field).
  5. IT Agents cannot select any User Options field in the Request column view. Users cannot create their own view based on the data value from the User Options field.
  6. Cannot create Dashboard report based on the User Options fields.

Will it be a development plan to improve User Options capabilities and query functions in the future?


  • CSTung,

    You have listed several ways to improve User Options in this Idea.  Please submit each as separate Ideas, that way we can tell which improvement is being voted on and we can more properly communicate our plans by marking the Idea(s) as Accepted and Delivered.

    Your points 5 & 6 are available today.  You must first filter to the Offering or Model and then the User Option fields will be available to add as columns and for filtering.

    Thanks, Steve